While you were suffering… Cuomo in Cuba.

While you were suffering…

Governor Sleazeball is jetting off tomorrow to parade through Cuba on a political stunt with effectively zero gain but for himself and an attempt at a legacy along with President Obama. It should be fun watching the rest of the Congressional delegation try to slip out of any photos Cuomo’s staff cooks up.

Don’t think at least that by “jetting off” Cuomo’s enjoying some fancy private ride in a NY taxpayer-leased G5… if he doesn’t hitch a ride on anything arranged for the delegation by Washington he’s go to ride on the only daily flight in and out of Cuba – a special United flight known for being a real zoo.

So Cuomo, along with about 10 CEOs, 8 reporters and the Albany Apple Dumpling Gang staff are off promoting “?” amid the usual, ever-present buzz of “economic development”. It’ll be interesting to see how they worked the Visa and diplomatic process to even make this clown circus possible… that is if The Shady One wasn’t so secretive and nontransparent. And why is this hack even involved with international relations at this level and at this stage? Where’s the Secretary of State? How desperate is Obama that he’s permitting (or not) Gov. Goofball to go stumbling around introducing his felon lawyers and thugs to Cuban counterparts?
* http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/cuomo-heads-cuba-trade-mission-n-y-businesses-article-1.2190476?cid=bitly

This is your governor: flitzing around for puff and “history” while enabling billionaire friends first dibs at the corrupt business and banking opportunities Cuba may offer while you have a poverty level in your own upstate towns exceeding %25. There on a third-world island, Cuomo may feel right at home: The vehicles and blight found upstate might rival that island dictatorship.

There are those who believe there is no coincidence with the timing of the trip and the visit of Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Crown Prince/Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces to the White Hose tomorrow… following NYPD Commish Bill Bratton’s recent trip there.

In addition to gladly greenlighting Eric Holder and Preet Bharara’s investigation and likely pending prosecution of Cuomo, Obama is keen to show the Prince that both the US and the UAE are both the victims of Cuomo’s banking buddies, like his buddies with their goons at Wachtel & Co. Inc. (oops!)

If some people’s ideas are correct… tomorrow could be a very interesting day for at least Gov. Goofball, if not the White House. They have to be wondering if things are going to get out of hand because they know the Governor is a nut case, liable to do anything while whacked up on his Xanax and petrified of his unraveling scandals. Decent bet the week could be special.

The joke going around is that Cuomo and is clownshow may never return if a bunch of expected indictments start to drop. We can only hope that the sleazebag would pull a Ji8mmy Hoffa and save the People of the State of New York the trouble.

(* Be warned that just about anything you read about Gov. Greasetrap in the NY Daily News is either instigated by himself or at the cow tow of Publisher Morty Zuckerman… who is right up Andy’s ass. Zuck even stuck to Cuomo when he recently visited Israel. NYDN often has to be held to the mat on Cuomo before they’ll begrudgingly admit his fuckups in the past.)


Pic via NY Post

(Update: They flew Jet Blue with Jet Blue’s new CEO Robin Hayes on a specially arranged flight.)


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